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Baby Toys

What Baby Toy should I buy?

The right infant toy is one of the most important things you can buy for your child. Not only to their interest and amuse, but they can greatly improve your infant's senses and speed up overall development.

Stimulation during the first 12 - 15 months is vital for your infant's development.

Tips for choosing the best baby toys…

·        Pick infant toys that are fitting for their age-too hard becomes frustrating;

·        Too easy means the toy gets ignored.

·        The best toys encourage the development needs of that age.

·        Look for toys with many uses. They are great as they can still be used when the child grows older

·        Buy infant toys that can be easily lifted and grasped

·        Choose baby toys producing sounds in response to your baby's actions

·        Make use of bright or contrasting colors to stimulate the senses

·        Use common sense. Toys that are hard or have sharp edges or small pieces should be avoided as safety risks

·        Buy baby toys that enable you to play with your child. What better way for you to bond with your child during these early crucial months

But what exactly do I buy?

Here's a "rough" month-to-month guide to what infant toys your baby needs

·        2 months - soft toys to feel, touch and discover

·        3 months - mobile

·        4 months - more objects to discover, like ball, rattle, bell, dangling toys

·        5 months - rattles, teether to hold in mouth, objects to strike

·        6 months - balls to roll and hold, mouth toys, plastic cups & pots

·        7 months - music, bath toys, squeaky toys

·        8 months - plastic nested cups, several toys to bash together

·        9 months - teething toys, safe toys

·        10 months - stacking blocks, motion toys, cloth & cardboard books

·        11 months - rolling toys, objects to put into and take out of a container

·        12 months - toys fitting into each other, cloth book

·        13 months - wooden or plastic blocks, push & pull toys, toys to take apart

·        14 months - Music, ball to roll

·        15 months - toy telephone, mobile and other imitation toys

Your child's development during the first few months is crucial. So, give your baby the right learning experiences during this period by choosing the correct infant toys. They go a very long way to get your child off to a great start!

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