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How Does Sellzo Work?

Sellzo.com.au is an online domain for businesses and private users alike. Both Private Users and Business Users can  buy and sell their goods or products free of any buyers or sellers fees. Register a free account with sellzo.com.au and gain immediate access to an unlimited amount of online inventory or list your products for sale free of any sellers fee.

User types:

Private user

  • Private User is any Person who does not operate as a business entity.
  • Private User is any Person who wishes to Buy or Sell products through the Sellzo.com.au (No Seller Fees)
  • Private User may at anytime visit the Sellzo.com.au website search for Products and make purchases.
  • Private User can Register  an account with Sellzo.com.au and have up to 3 listed items at one time.
  • Private User may also login to sellzo.com.au using their Social media account: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Linkedin.


Business User:

Register as a business user and gain access to revolutionary online business management systems. Choose a package that suites your specific business need. Packages are available in three tiers:  

  • Basic  
  • Advanced  
  •  Pro 

The main differences between those Packages are: 

  • Number of listed products,  
  • Features  
  • Limitations   
  • Monthly admin fees. 


If you are a small business and you don’t need to list more than 100 products and the Basic Package suites your need then you don’t have to pay monthly admin fees. 

If you need more than 100 listed products, you need to compare the Advanced and Pro Packages and choose the option that suites your business need. 

Choose your Package and aproceed with your registration.