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How To Sell?

Private user can list up to 3 products.

To list a new product, private user needs to follow the steps below:

1. Sign in:

 User can sign in by using their Sellzo account or social media account.

  • Register account by clicking on Sign UP or by login using social media account.
  • After you Sign in.


2. Click on sell:

You will be directed to the listing page where you will enter your product details and description.

  • General. You will be asked to enter: Product Name, Product subtitle. Category , Subcategory, Brand, Model and Conditions, Quantity/Stock, Duration.
  • Product details, Description, Features, Bundled Items.
  • Payment & Shipping: Shipping fees, Shipping service, Product weight and dimensions, Return Policy.
  • Media: Upload photos *.
  • Meta details: Title, Keywords and Description.


* Upload Photos

  • Click on Upload photo icon. 
  • A list of your previously uploaded photos will appear. Tick the box in front of the photo you wish to upload. 
  • Click select Insert Picture here. OR
  • Press Upload New Image to import new photos into sellzo.com.au.
  • Enter alt (picture description) & Title (Picture title)
  • Tick circle for the photo that you wish to be your Default Photo.

Your Product is now listed and it will appear within 24 hours.
You now have the ability to manage your listed products. You can:

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Add New Products