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Payment Methods

All Payments are made through the Paypal Secure Payment gateway. Sellzo has a certified secure integration with paypal where buyers will be directed to finalise their purchases and make payments.

Users have the following payment options with Paypal.

1- If you are a buyer making payment for your Purchase

  • Via PayPal account: user needs to have a PayPal account to complete payment.
  • Via Credit card payment: user does not need to have a PayPal account.

2- If you are a Business User (Advanced and Pro Stores) Making payment for your Monthly bill

  • Manual Payment from you store backend (through the readymade Paypal integration)
  • Automatic Payment: direct debit payment via PayPal gateway. (through the readymade Paypal Integration)
  • Direct Debit Authority to Sellzo.


NOTE: For Business User (Advanced and Pro stores) step-by-step instuctions, please refer to your Sellzo Online Store Manual, by clicking on the Help icon at the top right hand corner of your store backend.


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