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Product Management

When you log in to your store account, You will be directed to your store page.

If you click on Manage Store, You will be directed to your store back end.

Under Products, you will have access to the following Functions:


1) Most Sold Items

Here you can manage and sort your most sold items using a range of different values


2) Manage Products

  • You can search for your listed products by product id, name, category, status, etc.
  • Add a new product.
  • Edit listed Products.
  • Share Product/s to Facebook.
  • Renew expired product/s.
  • Duplicate or clone a product.


3) Import Products

This allows you to import a bulk of products using a csv File. Online store can export their products from their website or third party E-commerce website and simply import them into Sellzo.


NOTE: For Business User (Advanced and Pro stores) step-by-step instuctions, please refer to your Sellzo Online Store Manual, by clicking on the Help icon at the top right hand corner of your store backend.


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