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Sellzo Australia | Innovative Online Virtual shopping Centre


What is Sellzo ?

Sellzo.com.au  is an online domain for businesses and private users alike.

Private or business users can buy and sell their goods without any transaction fees. 


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How to Start ?

The first step for an online store is to register.

As soon as you register, you will gain a store id which will become a subdomain  of Sellzo domain.

e.g.: Fredstoys.sellzo.com.au , Fredstoys is the store id.

To register, go to www.sellzo.com.au/register 


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How to Register?


  • To register, go to www.sellzo.com.au/register
  • Fill in all the required fields and complete you registration.
  • After you complete your registration, please go back to your email and Confirm your email address.

      Please note, if you dont provide a valid ABN (Australian Business Number),  store activation is required by Sellzo admin.



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Store Overview ?

The store backend is divided into four main parts:  

  • Welcome page (Store aqctivity Summary),
  • Help Page where you can download the latest online store manual  (top right corner). 
  • Navigation menu.
  • Tab content page  (to manage your store), 

The Content Management System allows you to manage:  Content (pages), Products, Store layout, Offers, Contacts, Categories, reports, Payment, integration, etc.


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Manage Profile

Store admin can Manage their profile by:

  • Editing their profile.
  • changing the password.
  • Show or Hide store rating.
  • Manage store users or groups.


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Manage Categories

  • Store admin can Manage their store home page category and subcategory element.
  • Store admin can also add new subcategories to sategory "Others".
  • Store admin can add, edit or delete a brand.


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Manage Content & Menu

  • Store admin can add new pages to his store such as about us, Return policy, etcl
  • Store admin can manage the store home page menu.


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Store Layout Design

Store admin can change their store layout by selecting one of the templates or by creating a new templates using the drag and drop tools.

Store admin can then change the store banners, color and logo.


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Add product

Store admin can manage their products: Add, Edit, Delete, Renew/Activate, Deactive, Share single or multiple products to Facebook , Duplicate a product,  View history, Add a product to the Featured product list or today's offers.


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Import bulk products

Store admin can add one product at a time or simply import products in bulk using *.csv file. 

Under store admin > Products > Import products.


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Online store manual (Login)


For help, please contact [email protected]